How To Clean Your CBD Flower Vape Pen?

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CBD Flower Vape Pen
CBD Flower Vape Pen

The flowers of the female hemp plant that is rich in CBD are popularly used in vaping.  The highly bioavailable CBD intake method, vaping, requires specialized equipment like a vaporizer or vape pens. After every session, the residue of hemp flower will be left behind in the vape pen and it has to be cleaned prior to next use.

Hemp flower contains CBD, THC, and other cannabinoids like CBD, CBN as well as numerous terpenes and flavinoids. Vaping hemp flower is the ideal way of getting the best benefits out of full-spectrum CBD.

Through this article, we instruct you on methods of cleaning the CBD flower vape pen.

Steps In Cleaning Hemp Flower Vape Pen

  1. Vape pens mostly contain three parts, heating chamber, battery, and mouthpiece. Before you begin cleaning the vape pen, disassemble it so that you can give proper attention to individual parts.
  2. Gently tap out the contents of the heating chamber to empty the loose flower particles in the chamber if any. Make sure you do not empty the contents into the trash can but into an ashtray, you do not mind sifting through if needed. Many vape pens have a small screen in their heating chamber that might fall off as you tap the contents of the heating chamber.
  3. Using a small brush that comes with the vape pen to brush away the residual plant matter from the heating chamber. Do it without disturbing the heating coil inside the heating chamber. You have to remove the particles that clog up the screen of the heating chamber. Ensure that you do not use water or alcohol to clean the heating chamber as it could damage the wiring of the vape pen.
  4. Using a dab tool, clean the insides of the mouthpiece and remove the dirt from the outside with a soft cloth or cotton ball. If needed, you may soak the mouthpiece in isopropyl alcohol and wash it with warm water but check the user manual because not all vape pens tolerate this treatment.
  5. Check the battery and wipe any dirt or residue in it for connection without any hindrances.
  6. Reassemble the vape pen and wipe its outsides using a clean cotton cloth.

To ensure the quality of your vaping experience, ensure that the vape pens you get are of the highest quality and hemp flower is obtained from highly potent and pure hemp strains.