What Is A CBD Concentrate?

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Among people who are into using CBD products, CBD concentrates are a popular choice. These are derived from the hemp plant and are low in THC even if they are in concentrated form. They are used for quick and maximum relief from various health issues.  A high concentration of CBD is essential for improving serotonin levels in the brain. These are made by filtering full hemp extracts to high concentrations. Below shared are some details about CBD concentrate.

What is CBD Concentrate?

CBD concentrate is a highly concentrated form of pure hemp extract or CBD oil which is highly potent. Very high-quality isolates contain up to 99% CBD by volume. It is gaining wider popularity due to its being non-intoxicating and its medical benefits.

How are they made?

CBD concentrates are made from hemp plant extracts that are obtained through various extraction methods. Reputable companies use the CO2 extraction method because it leaves behind a pure final product without any toxic contaminants. There are multiple techniques and the supercritical CO2 extraction method is the most preferred because it has the highest yield. The extract thus obtained is filtered multiple times to produce concentrates of various textures and qualities. The different types of CBD concentrates are the following.

  • Wax: They are solidified and crystallized forms of the concentrate. It appears as if the CBD oil is solidified and opaque with its golden brown color.
  • Crumble: It is very much like wax but with more moisture and thicker.
  • Shatter: Here the oil is solidified but not crystallized and appears like cloudy oil. On heating, it becomes like thick honey and appears slightly like glass.
  • Budder: This has a fluffy and waxy texture like butter. It is obtained by purging with very high air pressure and temperature during CBD oil extraction.
  • Live Resin: This is made from cryogenically frozen buds of the hemp plant. Hence, they preserve more cannabinoids and retain more flavors because of the terpenes being preserved. This is also known as CBD resin.

When purchasing CBD concentrates, choose products that contain 90% to 99% of CBD. Products that contain less than 80% concentration have higher quantities of waxes called polyunsaturated fatty acids. They are not healthy. Refer or ask for the dosage guide because the chances of getting an overdose cannot be neglected. 1ml of CBD concentrate is never equal to 1ml of CBD oil in CBD concentration. The former is more potent. Most of these concentrate products are consumed through vaping. So, when beginning, start with a smaller dose.