Things To Know About Using CBD For Anxiety

CBD For Anxiety
CBD For Anxiety

Anxiety is a normal reaction to dangers and stressful situations in daily life. In fact, it is a defensive mechanism of our body that prepares us to face a dangerous situation. However, anxiety disorder is different. It is an umbrella term that covers various mental illnesses that develop without any potential anxiety triggers.

What Are The Symptoms Of Anxiety?

The general symptoms of all anxiety disorders include:

  • Short breaths
  • Numbness of hands and feet
  • Panic and unexplained fear
  • Tense muscles
  • Nausea
  • Sleep issues

What Are The Common Anxiety Disorders?

Several medical conditions are included in the list of anxiety disorders. They are:

  • Social anxiety disorder: People with this disorder find even the most informal social interactions uncomfortable. They constantly worry about being judged by others and being embarrassed in their presence.
  • Panic disorder: A panic attack is characterized by profuse sweating, irregular heartbeats, and chest pain.
  • Generalized anxiety disorder: Excessive worry without any notable reason is a characteristic of generalized anxiety disorder.

Can CBD Be Used In Anxiety Treatment?

CBD can be effectively used to treat anxiety disorders. It has proven anxiolytic properties. CBD interacts with the receptors CB1 and CB2 of the endocannabinoid system that is known for the role it plays in regulating pain perception, sleep cycles, appetite, and mood.

The neurotransmitter serotonin is crucial in maintaining your mental health. People diagnosed with depression have lower levels of serotonin in their bodies. Lower serotonin levels are also reported as a cause of anxiety in some cases. Some studies have suggested that CBD has the potential to boost the serotonin levels in the users and help them handle their anxiety symptoms better.

A 2011 study attempted to find out the effects that CBD has on people with a social anxiety disorder. The participants were either given 400 mg CBD or a placebo. When compared to people who received a placebo, the people who received CBD reported significantly lower anxiety levels.

Animal studies conducted to find out the effect of CBD on generalized anxiety disorder found that the study subjects showed lower stress levels and fewer behavioral signs of anxiety.

What Is The Right Dosage For Taking CBD For Anxiety?

Despite the medical condition that you are treating using CBD, the idea of the right dosage remains the same. When you are using CBD to treat anxiety for the first time, you will have little idea about the dosage that is ideal for you. Hence it is suggested that you start with a small dosage and keep increasing it slowly to figure out the ideal CBD dosage for anxiety.

By helping you handle anxiety symptoms better, CBD contributes to improving your mental health and the quality of your life.