Finding Out The Ideal CBD Dosage

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CBD Dosage

When it comes to the dosage level of CBD, people will have personal opinions, and the interesting part is that all of them can be right. If a person finds a particular dosage level ideal, it simply means that the particular dosage can offer optimum benefits to him. The dosage level of CBD can be high or low depending on the severity of the medical condition that the user is undergoing treatment for.

Finding The Dosage That Is Right For You

The amount of CBD that you should take depends on a variety of factors including

  • Bodyweight
  • Disease condition that you are treating
  • Individual body metabolism
  • CBD concentration the product

These multiple dosage-determining factors indicate that finding out the best dosage for you is not that easy. Before you start using CBD, have a discussion with your doctor about the dosage and associated risks, and stick to the dosage recommendation given by them.

If your doctor has not given a dosage suggestion, you could start with small dosages and increase them gradually. Start with 20 to 40 mg a day and after a week, increase it by 5 mg. Keep doing this until you find out the dosage that suits you best.

When you are on a CBD course, do not forget to keep a record of the dosage levels and analyze if your symptoms are improving.

Calculating The Dosage

Products like CBD capsules, gummies, and pills clearly provide the information of the CBD content that a single serving offers. CBD oils usually come with a dropper bottle and the packaging will usually specify the amount of CBD present in a single drop. If the packaging just mentions the CBD content in the whole bottle and not in a single drop, the dosage decision might be a little tough.

Impact Of Taking Too Much CBD

A 2011 study of the safety of CBD found out humans have the ability to tolerate regular CBD use even in high doses. However, a 2019 study found out that CBD has the potential to interact with other medications. So you have to discuss with your doctor before starting CBD use if you are currently taking any medication.

A quality CBD experience cannot be guaranteed if you are not taking CBD in the right doses and the best possible way to decide your dosage is to discuss with your doctor.